The Term “Act of God” and Personal Injury Cases


Was Your Injury Caused by an Act of God or Negligence?

When seeking compensation for personal injury cases, proving the liability of the perceived at-fault party is crucial. If the at-fault party is deemed liable, they will pay for the damages suffered by the victim. However, there are instances when an accident is not the direct fault of a person or entity.

When an accident cannot be traced back to a person and happened because of factors outside human control, it is called an “act of God.” Understanding how acts of God affect personal injury cases is crucial to knowing your chances of winning when it is used as a defense. This blog explains the term “act of God” and how it affects personal injury cases.

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What Is an Act of God?

An “act of God” is an unexpected and unforeseeable natural event devoid of human intervention and could not have been prevented even with reasonable care. Acts of God are also acts of nature, like damage caused by a tree falling, not through another person’s negligence.

Examples of an Act of God in Personal Injury Cases

Most defendants in personal injury cases, such as those handled by Reno brain injury lawyers, and insurance companies use acts of God as a defense or excuse not to pay compensation.  For an event to qualify as an act of God, there must have been zero negligence involved.

Examples of acts of God are:

  • Wildfires
  • Fires caused by lightning strike
  • Extreme weather conditions like heavy snow or blizzards
  • Hurricanes, tornadoes, or windstorms
  • Pandemics
  • Flood damage from heavy rain
  • Tsunamis and earthquakes, etc.

So, if a healthy tree gets struck by lightning and falls on a house or the road and causes an accident, it is an act of God. For example, in Reno, Nevada, it is common for branches and trees to be brought down in a massive storm.  If one of those branches fell and hit your car or you, that would be an “act of God,” because it would be no fault of another individual.

Suppose it was an aging tree leaning for years close to your house, and your landlord knew the old tree was a problem, but they didn’t do anything about it. This may not fall under the “act of God” category. This is because the landlord should have removed the tree before it fell.

Can You Recover Compensation After an Act of God?

If an act of God caused an accident that left you injured or damaged your property, you might wonder if you can get compensation. While you cannot bring a negligence case, you may be eligible to receive benefits if you are insured. So, assuming you have comprehensive insurance coverage, it will cover the repair of your car and medical treatment when you suffer an accident due to an act of God.

Some insurance companies add an “act of God clause” in their insurance policies that exempts them from paying benefits for accidents caused by natural events.

So, read the fine print of your insurance policy before committing.

Finally, suppose there is an element of negligence, like the example of the landlord who left an aging tree; in that case, you can get compensation in a premises liability case. This is because the act of God, which is the tree falling and damaging your home or harming you, could have been prevented if the landlord had taken action when they should have. However, it is challenging to prove negligence when there’s an act of God, so ensure you get legal representation.

The Term “Act of God” and Personal Injury Cases FAQs

Getting your case dismissed by an insurance company based on an act of God defense can be frustrating and leave you with questions. Below are some of the commonly asked questions.

What Should I Do If an Insurance Company Denies Me Benefits or Compensation Using an Act of God Defense?

Contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will examine the facts to see if the defense is valid or made in bad faith and guide you on the next steps.

Is an Act of God Defense Foolproof?

No, it isn’t. While most defenses based on acts of God stand, there might be an element of negligence, which could be the primary cause of the accident.

What Happens If Negligence Preceded an Act of God?

If negligence preceded an act of God, you can take legal action against the negligent party. Such a person or entity will compensate you for your damages.

How Do I Know If Negligence Preceded an Act of God?

It is challenging to know when negligence preceded an act of God. Therefore, we recommend working with an experienced attorney. Your lawyer knows what to look for and will help you identify negligence if it occurred.

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