Category: Depositions

Managing Intrusive Depositions

It’s a tough situation when lawyers for the other side start asking sensitive questions. Questions at a deposition are by their nature going to be intrusive. If a lawyer asks what we feel to be an inappropriate question, under the rules, we can only instruct the client not to answer the question for only one […]

Winning a Judgment and Then Collecting on It

When you depose an individual defendant, you may get into their financial background to see if it is worth pursuing a case against that individual over and above the amount of their insurance. Sometimes during the discovery process, if you determine the insured doesn’t have the means to pay anything over and above what the […]

What Is a Deposition?

A deposition is where the attorney gets to ask the witness questions about a case with a court reporter taking down the answers to the questions. The witness is sworn in to tell the truth as if they were in a court of law and the document can be a useful tool later if the […]

Our Role as Your Attorneys in The Deposition

An attorney’s role in a deposition in Nevada is somewhat limited. We can make objections on the record as to the form of the question. We can object if the question is compound, in other words, two questions in one. We can object if it is vague, ambiguous or if it doesn’t make sense. But, […]

Depositions: What to Expect when Being Deposed

During your deposition, you can expect the defense attorney to delve into any and all matters relating to the incident that you filed lawsuit on behalf of. You can also expect the defense attorney to go into your history: your medical history, your driving history if it’s an auto accident; those types of things. Defense […]