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What is the statute of limitations for a personal injury case in Nevada?

When you have suffered an injury due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another party in Nevada, time is of the essence in pursuing legal remedies. As with other states, Nevada has established statutes of limitations that set strict deadlines for filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you miss these deadlines, you may lose your […]


Getting hit by a car while walking in a public place can be very traumatic and can change your life.  You may be facing years of physical and psychological recovery, financial distress due to medical bills and missed work, and an overall feeling of not having control over your daily life. Being diligent when walking […]

Damages in A Brain Injury Case

If the client has had a brain injury, you are going to seek compensation for all the medical bills related to that injury. For example, when one has to go to the hospital for the injury and continued hospitalization and rehabilitation therapy, we will seek reimbursement for all those bills. In addition to reimbursement for […]

Brain Injury Cases – FAQS

Leverty & Associates is experience with brain injury cases and special needs trusts. A special needs trust could be set up, so the individual gets paid over time through an annuity where they get paid to take care of their living expenses. If the individual can’t control their own money, then maybe an annuity would […]

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is generally a term used to describe a brain or head injury, or concussion. TBI occurs when something causes the brain to be injured, for example, a violent blow or a jolt to the head. A brain injury is different from a broken arm, fractured rib or other type of injury […]

Do I Need a Lawyer with Specific Experience with Head Injury Cases?

It’s always important to have somebody with experience with head injury cases. Experience makes a difference because experience helps one understand the injuries, and also know the experts to hire. Q: What if I can’t afford to hire an experienced brain injury lawyer like you? There is no payment upfront. We only get paid attorney’s […]

How Do You Prove the Extent of Damage in A Traumatic Brain Injury?

There are a number ways to prove a client has had a traumatic brain injury. To determine how severe the damage to the brain is, you might need a medical expert to identify a brain injury. For example, you might have a neurologist, neurophysiologist or maybe a physiatrist who can discuss brain function and how […]

The Insurance Company’s Duty to Defend in A Pedestrian Accident Case

Let’s say that I’m a motorist who runs into a pedestrian. Can the insurance company simply settle for the policy limits rather than defend me in a lawsuit? Under the insurance policy, the insurance company has the right to make some of that decision, so they likely didn’t do anything improper at that point. For […]

Representing More than One Person in A Pedestrian Accident Case

Would you be a conflict of interest to represent both the injured pedestrian and a family member who witnessed the accident? There is a potential conflict insofar as there might be a limited amount of insurance coverage to be distributed among the two victims. For example, let’s say the insurance policy has only $100,000 in […]

Damages in Pedestrian Accident Cases

Could there be punitive damages for those at fault in your pedestrian accident? It depends on the circumstances, but there is a higher level of proof. You have to prove with convincing evidence that the other person acted in a grossly negligent manner, at a higher standard than normal, and that they were acting callously […]