Category: Elder Abuse

What Is the Statute of Limitations on An Elder Abuse Case?

In Nevada, if you are seeking damages elder abuse it is within two years. Assault and battery or another intentional act is also two years. There may be exceptions so be sure to talk to an experienced elder abuse attorney as soon as possible. As on example, in Nevada, with the county hospital, it is […]

What Kind of Damages Would One Pursue for Elder Abuse?

For physical elder abuse, the damages you would sue for depend on the severity, the type of injury, pain and suffering, future medical costs and then potentially depending on the scenario, punitive damages against the caretaker. Q: What are punitive damages as they relate to elder abuse? There is an amount of money that is […]

Insurance Coverage for Elder Abuse

There might be an insurance company that has agreed to defend or indemnify an individual accused of neglect or elder abuse. The neglect is more likely to have coverage insofar as it is more of a negligent act. Most commercial general liability or liability policies cover negligent acts and have specific exclusions for intentional acts. […]

What Factors Make Older People More Vulnerable to Elder Abuse?

Cognitive issues, dementia and the fact that they have a difficult time getting around make them more vulnerable for elder abuse. For example, dementia could make them a target for financial abuse because a trusted caregiver would be able to get sensitive financial information from the elderly person. When seniors are homebound, they do not […]

Is Elder Financial Abuse a Tort or Do You Simply Give Back the Money?

Elder financial abuse could be a tort if there is bodily harm, or if someone is hurt for financial gain, which would be property damage. Q: Are there also criminal issues that relate to elder abuse and elder financial abuse? In Nevada, there is statute NRS 200.5099 which is the elder abuse neglect, exploitation and […]

What Is Elder Abuse and Elder Neglect?

Elder abuse and elder neglect are broad terms. Generally, it is an act or repeated act where somebody is doing something wrong, or inappropriate within a relationship that causes harm or emotional distress to an older person — in Nevada, someone who is at least 60 years of age. Q: Does elder abuse occur in […]

What Is Elder Financial Abuse?

Often, with elder financial abuse you hear about unusual arrangements where someone contacts a person who has dementia or cognitive issues and they get them to give their credit card information. It could be a home caretaker or someone who is in charge of taking care of the individual who uses their relationship with the […]