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You rely on your health insurance to provide coverage when you are injured or ill. When you have faithfully paid your premiums, it is frustrating and upsetting to be told that a claim for a medical procedure you have had has been denied or underpaid, or that a procedure you need will not be authorized. You could be left with serious medical debt that you are unable to pay. If you are facing financial distress because of a health insurance denial, we want to help. Our compassionate Nevada health insurance lawyers stand up for individuals who are being treated unfairly by their insurers.

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Leverty & Associates has advocated for Nevadans in health insurance disputes for over four decades. If you are having a problem with your insurer, you do not have to take the company on alone. Learn how we may be able to help by arranging a free consultation with an experienced health insurance lawyer. Call us in Reno at (775) 322-6636 or in Las Vegas at (702) 507-0201.


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Our law firm has a long history of taking on insurance companies and winning. You can see for yourself by our results— we have won over $150 million on behalf of clients. Here are some of the ways we provide an advantage to clients:

  • We know the law — our lawyers have more than 100 years of combined legal experience.
  • We do not simply dabble in insurance law — our firm focuses on helping clients who are treated unfairly by insurance companies.
  • Our attorneys are highly skilled in insurance issues — firm founder Gene Leverty is a former Chief Deputy Insurance Commissioner for Nevada. Attorney Patrick Leverty holds a Master of Law in Insurance.
  • We offer contingency fee agreements — you pay us when we win a settlement or judgment.
  • We provide free, confidential consultations — you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain by speaking with us.

To read what previous clients think of us, visit our testimonials page. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need legal help with your health insurance issue.

How Our Nevada Health Insurance Lawyers Can Help

Fighting a health insurance company to get a claim paid is very stressful. Unless you have been in this situation before, which we hope you have not, you are probably unsure of your rights and the steps to take. You may be worried about your financial future and that of your family if you cannot get the insurer to approve the claim or claims.

Our Nevada health insurance lawyers understand your anxiety. If your claim has been denied, we can assess the evidence to help determine the reason. Not every claim denial is unreasonable — sometimes health insurers have valid reasons for denying claims. But if your claim was unreasonably denied because of negligent mistakes by an insurance company representative, or if dishonest tactics were taken to intentionally avoid paying your claim, we can represent your interests in a bad faith lawsuit and relieve you of the fight. You could get compensation for your damages.

Health Insurance Attorney Addresses Common Questions

Health insurance claim denials are not uncommon. Claims may be denied because of mistakes, intentional actions by insurers, or legitimate reasons. The following are frequent questions about denials.

Why Do Health Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

Health insurance companies may deny claims for many reasons, for example, if coverage has lapsed, if a procedure is not covered by a policy, if pre-authorization was required under the policy but the patient did not obtain it, or if an out-of-network provider was used. Claims may also be denied if providers made errors in filling out paperwork, such as using the wrong medical code, or if insurers made mistakes in reviewing claims.

What Is My Recourse If My Health Insurance Claim Was Denied?

You can appeal with your health insurance company. You may also wish to file a complaint with the Nevada Division of Insurance, which may or may not be able to help you. Another option is to retain the representation of a health insurance attorney who will advocate for you and take legal action on your behalf if your claim continues to be wrongfully denied.

What If I Believe My Claim Was Denied Due to Bad Faith?

If you believe your insurer acted in bad faith, get legal guidance. Bad faith is when insurers intentionally deny, delay, or underpay claims using a variety of dishonest tactics. We can examine the evidence and advise you about the possibility of filing a lawsuit for compensation.

What Evidence Will You Need from Me for a Bad Faith Lawsuit? 

The evidence we will need from you includes a copy of your health insurance policy, copies of the claim or claims that were denied, your initial denial letter from the insurer, and letters denying any appeals you made. If you have any emails from insurance company representatives or made notes of telephone conversations with them, we would like copies of those as well.

Reach out directly to our law firm to have questions related to your specific situation addressed.

Turn to a Trusted Lawyer for Health Insurance Claims

You deserve to be treated fairly by your health insurer and to be given an honest and reasonable explanation for claim denials. If you are eligible for coverage and you are being unfairly denied, you have the right to hold the company accountable. But taking on a large insurance company by yourself can be difficult. Insurance adjusters and insurance company attorneys know how to avoid paying claims and how to get away with it. When you have a lawyer for health insurance claims from Leverty & Associates on your side, we will put our extensive insurance law experience to work to get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

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Attorney Patrick LevertyWith his master’s in insurance law, Patrick routinely helps individuals and businesses who are having issues with their insurance company. He also has extensive experience with personal injury actions, complex tort actions, product liability matters, and class actions. Patrick Leverty is rated AV by Martindale Hubbell (the highest rating) and has been granted membership in the Million Dollar Advocate Forum, and Multi-Million Dollar Advocate Forum. Patrick Leverty has been certified as a Personal Injury Specialist by the State Bar of Nevada. [ Attorney Bio ]