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Examples of Disability Claims

Disability is something that more people will face in their lives than you might think. Though most people go their entire life not needing disability benefits, those that do may struggle with making a claim and being approved for disability benefits. So, what is a disability claim, what should you do if you are denied, […]

What if My Long-Term Disability Insurance Company Denies My Claim for Benefits?

With most policies, an individual has an opportunity to appeal. This is especially true with long-term disability insurance benefit plans provided by employers, which are covered by ERISA. At that point, the claimant needs to contact an experienced disability insurance lawyer knowledgeable of long-term disability claims to help with the appeal because it is a […]

What Kind of Damages Can I Get from A Wrongful Long-Term Disability Denial Lawsuit?

When you sue because your long-term disability insurance company wrongfully denied your benefits, there are several types of damages your long-term disability insurance lawyer may pursue. First, you can get what are called “breach of contract damages.” These refer to benefits that the long-term disability insurance company should have been paying had they accepted your […]

Disability Insurance Claim

We can help you with your questions in a free consultation. If you need us to help collect on your disability insurance claim, it doesn’t cost you any money out of pocket. We will usually advance the costs and collect our fees only if we have a successful trial or there is a settlement. Basically, […]

Social Media and Disability Insurance Claims

It is recommended that you stay off social media. Social media is generally not a good idea for your claim. It can only get you in trouble and will not help your case. Often, people might feel well for a day but then the next day they can feel awful and can’t go to work […]

What Is a Lump Sum Buy out Of a Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim?

With long-term disability insurance claims it is basically where the insurance company and most disability plans say they would pay monthly benefits until the individual reaches the age of 65. So, if you are injured very young and get disabled, the insurance company might offer to pay a lump sum instead of the monthly benefits […]

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is used to protect yourself if you can’t work because of illness or injury. You can buy disability insurance for peace of mind so that you can provide for your family if you get sick or have some kind of illness or injury and can’t work for a certain amount of time. Reasons […]

Lost Wages

Is there a formula used to determine my settlement? It’s determined by loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity within the accident. So, say as a grocery store clerk you were earning $15 an hour, and you were working 40 hours a week, and so we can quantify that amount of damages (earnings). If, […]