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How Often Do Car Accident Cases Go to Court?

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed and confused. Mounting medical bills, possibly coupled with an inability to work, may leave you feeling hopeless. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or lost a loved one in a crash, and you’re considering legal action, you […]

Comparative Negligence in A Vehicle Accident

Nevada is a comparative negligent state. Comparative negligence means that you may still recover for your injuries and other damages in a car or truck accident, even if you were partially responsible for the accident. However, your portion of responsibility for the accident cannot be found to be more than 50% at fault. If the […]

How Is a Truck Accident Different from A Car Accident?

A major difference is that in truck accidents, trucking regulations come into play in the lawsuit. There are many regulations dealing with how much weight an 18-wheeler can be dragging, how the vehicles are loaded, etc. These regulations do not come into play in a typical automobile accident lawsuit. Another major difference in a truck […]

Premises Liability vs. Automobile Accidents

How does a premises liability case differ from a car accident? The personal injury damages for medical bills, pain and suffering and the like would be the same in either type of case. The person represented and the types of damages that would be recoverable are the same. The real difference is the issue of […]

The Nevada Insurance Lobby and Minimum Car Accident Insurance Requirements

Q: Do you think that the very low minimum insurance requirements are a result of the insurance lobby in Nevada? That’s exactly what happened. There was a legislator from Las Vegas, who individually or someone in his family had been in an accident where the at-fault driver only had the $15,000/$30,000 limit, realized that those […]

Car Accident Insurance Requirements in Nevada

Q: What are the minimum car accident insurance requirements in Nevada, and how much do you recommend as a bare minimum if I were to buy up to a reasonable level? The Nevada law says the minimum limits are $15,000 per individual, per incident, which also subject to $30,000 for each accident for bodily injury. […]

Calculating the Pain and Suffering of The Decedent

Determining how much pain and suffering the decedent experienced at the end of their life is always a gray area. One way it’s proven is through people who spent time with that person in their final moments. You’ll have individuals who have been to the hospital with that person before they died, who talk about […]

Hit and Run Car Accidents

Q: What if the other driver in an accident flees the scene without providing their information? First, I would stay at the scene of the accident. If the other driver flees, call the police, so they can make a report that there was an accident and another vehicle involved in the accident. To the extent […]

Car Accidents and Passengers

If you’re the passenger and the driver caused the accident you have a claim against the driver for causing an accident. If the other car was partially responsible, you have a claim against them as well. As a passenger you most likely have little or no fault in that accident. The driver or the other […]

Discovery During a Car Accident Lawsuit

If I’ve been in a car accident and the other insurance company wants information from me including a statement, medical records, or other documents, what should I do? I’m always leery of signing a blanket medical release when the other side requests medical information that is broadly described. If we, as your lawyers, let them […]