Have You Been Injured &
Denied an Insurance Claim?

Insurance Company Denials of Coverage in Nevada

Common Defenses of Attorneys of Insurance Companies

Common defenses depend on the event. For auto insurance, a common defense is that the injury didn’t happen or wasn’t severe. The insurer’s defense is to b minimizes everything that happened. Another defense is that it just wasn’t their insured’s fault.

Q: What can I do if my insurance claim has been denied?

Contact a lawyer and bring all the information you have including the insurance policy, all of your medical bills and benefits, and any letters of correspondence you have from the insurance company.

You can set up a simple consultation with us to look through the paperwork without any charge.

Q: Is there an administrative process that I could use without the help of a lawyer in the event that my insurance claim is denied?

There may be an option under the insurance policy to speak with an advocate or appeal the denial before going to a lawyer. However, since our consultations are free, there is never any harm in bringing your policy into our office so that our experienced insurance lawyers can review the merits of your case and the likelihood that we could get the denial reversed.