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Establishing Liability

In the case of a motorcycle accident where there is no impact between a car and a motorcycle, it’s a he-said/she-said. What do you do? How do you prosecute a case like that? How do you win? You have to show that it is going to be a negligence case. You have to show that […]

Negligence that Typically Causes a Motorcyclist to Get Hurt

Often motorcyclists get injured when the motorist fails to see the motorcycle. The accident could be the result of opening a car door, sudden lane change where the driver doesn’t recognize the motorcycle driver in the rearview mirror – those types of things. Given the size of the motorcyclist it’s more difficult to see them […]

How Motorcycle Accidents Differ from Car Accidents

Typically, given the nature of motorcycle accidents, injuries are more severe. Another difference is that if you lay down a motorcycle, you have to be transferred by REMSA (Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority), the local ambulance company here in Reno, Nevada. REMSA then takes you to the only trauma center in Northern Nevada, which is […]