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ERISA refers to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, a federal law which was enacted in 1974. ERISA applies to “employee benefit plans” which includes “employee pension benefit plans” and “employee welfare plans.” An employee welfare plan means any program established by or through an employer or union for the purpose of providing (through an […]

What Is ERISA?

ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Back in the 1970s, pension plans were falling apart. The government became involved to fix up the pension plans, but in the process they wanted employers to offer their employees benefits. So, Congress came up with a plan that says if you make a mistake in offering […]

Health Insurance and ERISA

When a health insurance company has no “in network” providers and refuses to pay for necessary “out of network” treatment, it’s a difficult question about whether it constitutes bad faith. There are several variables to consider: First, it depends on what kind of coverage the individual has. If it’s an employer-sponsored plan and it’s an […]