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The Nevada Insurance Lobby and Minimum Car Accident Insurance Requirements

Q: Do you think that the very low minimum insurance requirements are a result of the insurance lobby in Nevada?

That’s exactly what happened.

There was a legislator from Las Vegas, who individually or someone in his family had been in an accident where the at-fault driver only had the $15,000/$30,000 limit, realized that those limits were woefully low from firsthand experience. He went to the legislature in 2013, and tried to increase the minimum insurance coverage laws because it hasn’t increased since the 1970s. His proposal was reasonable.

They looked at how dramatically medical expenses had increased as well as the increased cost of repairing property damage of vehicles, and more generally, the cost of living.

He proposed something like $50,000/$100,000, and the insurance lobbyists fought it and prevailed.

Something certainly needs to be done. It is way too low because it hasn’t been adjusted for inflation over the years.

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