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Determining Responsibility

With respect to the determination of how much responsibility I bear in the auto accident, is that a negotiation between you and the other insurance company, or is there some other formula that is used? Is it a police report? It’s a combination of factors, but essentially, when an car accident report doesn’t cite either […]

Class-Action Suit Settled Against Irrigation District for Fernley Flood

A settlement has been reached between the victims of the Fernley flood in 2008 and Truckee Carson Irrigation District, according to a law firm representing the defendants. After eight years of litigation, the courts overseeing the cases have granted final approval to a class-wide settlement for $18.183 million and the settlement money is starting to […]

Lost Wages

Is there a formula used to determine my settlement? It’s determined by loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity within the accident. So, say as a grocery store clerk you were earning $15 an hour, and you were working 40 hours a week, and so we can quantify that amount of damages (earnings). If, […]

Pain Treatment Factors

Let’s say that I have to see a chiropractor every month for years, or perhaps I’m on pain medication for an indeterminate period of time following my injury. Are these factors in my settlement case? Yes. If you are prescribed pain medication, (a good example of the type of physical pain you’re in), oftentimes you […]

Pain and Suffering

I can see how medical bills, lost wages and property damage could easily be calculated, but how do you talk to an insurance company about the value of “pain and suffering” from an injury? It depends on the circumstances. It really just depends on the actual damages, the injury you suffered. A good way of […]

Health Insurance Reimbursement

There are often expenses that must be paid from the outcome of a lawsuit. As one important example, sometimes, our client’s health insurance company pays for the medical bills, giving the health insurer what’s called a right of reimbursement or subrogation. If they haven’t filed anything, it’s a right of reimbursement, so they have the […]

Class Action Against Renown Regional Medical Center

A Washoe District Court granted class action status to a lawsuit alleging an improper billing practice by Renown Regional Medical Center. Attorney Patrick Leverty spoke with News 4’s Terri Hendry about the case. He said, “There is a law that says they have to seek to collect from the health insurance company first before commencing […]

Purchasing UIM Coverage

If I want to buy more UIM coverage than the insurance company is offering, are they forced to sell it? Yes, you can always raise your Uninsured/Underinsured motorists’ limits, but you have to pay for it. But, as far as all of the coverage goes, it’s relatively inexpensive for the peace of mind you get, […]

The Doctor’s Report

Let’s say they ask me how I’m feeling, and I say I’m fine, but because it is too soon for me to really know -Can they come in despite all of the medical records later that you produce on my behalf and say, ‘look, in the first interview they said they were fine?’ Sure, they […]

Patrick Leverty Wins “Top 10 Verdicts” Recognition

Reimers, et al. v. Everest Indemnity Insurance Co. – $4.5 million verdict in class action bad faith insurance case Leverty & Associates is proud to announce that one of its principal attorneys, Patrick Leverty, was recognized as the attorney for one of the top CVN verdicts of 2015. From the article: “Getting a class action […]