Have You Been Injured &
Denied an Insurance Claim?

Health Insurance Reimbursement

There are often expenses that must be paid from the outcome of a lawsuit. As one important example, sometimes, our client’s health insurance company pays for the medical bills, giving the health insurer what’s called a right of reimbursement or subrogation. If they haven’t filed anything, it’s a right of reimbursement, so they have the right to be reimbursed for the amount they paid under the terms of the contract only.

In Nevada, there is a case called Canfora which says the right of reimbursement is only when the client has been made whole. So, that can be a battle about how much they should be paid under that lien.

There is also a rule that medical bills need to be paid directly to the medical provider if there was no insurance. In that case it requires potentially negotiating the amount of the medical bill, if possible, down.