What Should I Do If I Get Involved in a Car Accident?

Car accidents can happen suddenly, anywhere and at any time. It can leave you shaken and clueless, unsure of what you should do next. There are various kinds of car accidents, but regardless of the type you are involved in, how you respond and your actions can make a huge difference in ensuring your safety and protection.

No matter how minor a car accident is, the aftereffects can be traumatic. Also, being involved in a car accident can be a daunting and stressful experience. However, your own actions can help mitigate the accident’s impact and ensure a more straightforward and smoother road to recovery. When you prioritize your safety, follow the right processes, and seek assistance, you can more assuredly walk through the incident’s aftermath.

After a car accident, you will greatly benefit from the assistance of a personal injury attorney. When you have an experienced lawyer on your side, they will ensure you take the proper steps, and each of these steps will be in your best interests. At Leverty & Associates Law, we have personal injury lawyers who have many years of experience in this field. Contact us if you or your loved one has been in a car accident.

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What to do when you are involved in an accident

After an accident, do the following:

Don’t leave the scene

Whether the accident is a major or a minor one, report it.  Don’t leave the site of the accident. Leaving the site of the crash is an offense that comes with penalties like fines, suspension of your license, and even jail time. When you stop after a car accident, ensure you are in a location that would not cause traffic congestion or more accidents. However, if your car is too damaged to move or isn’t working, leave it where it is, but get yourself to a safe spot.

Check for injuries

Check yourself and, if possible, other people involved in the accident for injuries. If you or anyone else is hurt, call the emergency services immediately. A medical professional should examine any injury, whether major or minor. Some injuries might seem minor but turn out to be more severe than they look.

Gather information

If you are not so injured and can move around, you should try as much as possible to get information from other drivers and passengers involved in the accident, such as their names, driver’s license information, phone numbers, license plate numbers, and auto insurance information. You should have complete information about the vehicles involved, including the color, make, and model.

This information would be helpful later on, especially when you want to file a claim. However, while talking to the other driver, try as much as possible to limit your conversation with him. Be polite, but do not apologize or admit fault. Be cautious of what you say, because it could be used against you later.

If you’re too injured to gather evidence or information, our attorneys can help you do everything.

Contact the authorities

Report the incident to the police. They will create an accident report that will be necessary evidence for when you want to make an insurance claim. When they arrive at the scene, tell them all that occurred in the exact manner it happened.

If asked questions you are uncertain of, inform the police you are unsure. For example, when they ask if you are hurt or injured and you’re doubtful, rather than giving them a definite answer, like yes or no, you can just tell them you’re unsure.

Collect Evidence

You can take pictures or videos of the accident scene, the injuries you and your passengers sustained, and the damage to your vehicle. Evidence like this can be precious when trying to prove the damage you suffered during the incident. You can also talk to people who witnessed the accident and get their contact information; they can help you defend your claim later.

See a doctor

There are times when common auto accident injuries do not show up on the day of the accident. Sometimes, knowing the full extent of the injuries you sustained can take a day or two or even longer. Therefore, as soon as you can, see a doctor. Besides treating your wounds, seeing a doctor after the accident can also help support your claim. Medical bills and reports can be used as evidence in your claim.

Seek a legal professional

A significant step you can take after being involved in an accident is to get legal assistance. Car accident insurance claims are usually complicated, but with the help of our attorneys, you have nothing to worry about. Your insurance company might not be the only one you’ll have to deal with; the other driver’s insurance provider might also contact you. Our well-experienced lawyers will advocate for you and make sure to take steps that are only beneficial to you.

They can help you with the following;

  • Negotiate with insurance companies and the other parties involved
  • File your personal injury claim
  • Gather evidence or information
  • Keep all detailed records that are relevant to your case.

Get help from Leverty & Associates Law

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