Have You Been Injured &
Denied an Insurance Claim?

Insurance Bad Faith Scenarios

Recently we have taken a few cases against homeowners’ insurance where an exclusion doesn’t apply, but the insurance company claims it applies.

Another common scenario is where there is a catastrophic loss and they fail to pay as they are supposed to, and they fail to account for all of the damages that were suffered by the insured, and then they fail to communicate. Sometimes the insurance company asks more than once for the same documentation for the purpose of delaying payment on the claim.

An sometimes the insurance company just simply fails to communicate – just kind of dropping off the face of the Earth.

Another scenario we see is when in the case of underinsured motorists coverage claims, the insurance company refuses to evaluate it in a fair manner.

Commercial property is similar to the homeowners’ insurance policy where the insurance company is doing everything they can to save themselves some money by not paying out what they are supposed to.