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Take a Stance Against Your Insurer’s Act of Bad Faith With an Attorney

Bad faith in insurance occurs when an insurance company fails to honor its commitment and obligation to act fairly with its policyholder. It refers to situations where an insurance company attempts to unreasonably deny, delay, or undervalue a legitimate claim made by a policyholder or when they refuse to investigate and adequately process a policyholder’s claim within a reasonable period.

It is not the end of the road if you find yourself in such a situation. You can go against the insurance company’s unfair actions with a bad faith attorney. A bad faith insurance attorney is an individual who focuses on cases involving insurance companies that are acting in bad faith.

At Leverty & Associates Law, our Las Vegas bad faith insurance attorney will work to protect your rights and seek compensation for damages caused by the insurer’s wrongful actions. Contact us at (702) 507-0201 to schedule a free case review.


Why Choose Our Las Vegas Bad Faith Attorney?

At Leverty & Associates Law, our experience and knowledge have enabled us to fully understand our client’s issues so we can be the best advocate for them in legal matters. Our team strives to deliver personalized and compassionate services to every client.

Our firm has won over $150 million in settlements and awards for valued clients.

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How Do Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith?

There are many ways in which an insurance company can act in bad faith. An insurance company operates in bad faith when:

  • They misinterpret an insurance contract’s language in order to avoid paying a claim.
  • They withhold vital information by failing to reveal policy limitations and exclusions to policyholders before they purchase a policy.
  • The insurer, without justification, denies a claim that should be covered.
  • Without any valid reason, the insurer refuses to investigate a claim.
  • The insurer makes an unreasonably low settlement offer.
  • The insurance company makes unreasonable demands on the policyholder to prove a covered loss.

Las Vegas Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys

When an insurance company acts in bad faith, the policyholder’s opponent is not another policyholder or insurance company but their own insurance company that is supposed to be on their side. As a policyholder, it is essential to remember that insurance companies make less profit when they pay out claims, so they will try to pay out as little as possible, even if the policyholder consistently pays premiums.

Going against an insurance company acting in bad faith is the best solution, but taking a legal stance with a bad faith insurance attorney is advisable. Our Las Vegas bad faith insurance attorneys understand the laws that regulate insurance policies in Nevada, and we know how the legal system works. Therefore, when your insurer unjustly denies your claim, we will carefully examine the reason for the denial and give you legal advice based on our experience and understanding of the law.

When Do You Need a Bad Faith Attorney in Las Vegas?

You need a Las Vegas bad faith lawyer when you are going against an insurer who has unjustly denied your claim. If you, as a policyholder, believe that your insurance company is acting in bad faith, call a Las Vegas bad-faith insurance attorney immediately.

At Leverty & Associates Law, we will tell you if your insurance company’s actions or inaction are in bad faith. Then we will brief you on your options and the next steps to take to succeed.

At Leverty & Associates Law, our attorneys help you take the right steps when your insurance company acts in bad faith.

Why You Need a Las Vegas Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

Your Las Vegas bad faith insurance attorney will help you ensure the insurance company follows the law. Your insurance company has a team of lawyers who will fight to justify their actions, and since your case is not their first, they will be well-experienced.

Acting alone as a policyholder, you will probably be no match for them. But once you hire our Las Vegas bad faith insurance lawyer, who is experienced in handling these legal matters, we will help you negotiate favorably. We know how the courts in Las Vegas interpret bad faith laws; we understand the right amount to demand in damages; and we will enhance your likelihood of success.

Las Vegas Bad Faith Insurance Attorney FAQs

The following are some questions that our clients ask:

How Do I Choose the Right Bad Faith Insurance Attorney in Las Vegas?

Look for attorneys who are experts in insurance law and have a successful track record in bad faith cases. Consider their experience, client testimonials, and whether they deeply understand Nevada’s specific insurance regulations.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Las Vegas Bad Faith Insurance Attorney?

Our bad faith insurance lawyers in Las Vegas are paid on a contingency basis. With a contingency agreement, you only pay legal fees after your attorney wins or settles the case. If your case is successful, your insurance company may be responsible for paying your lawyer on your behalf.

Can I Handle a Bad-faith Insurance Claim Without an Attorney?

While you have the right to handle a claim independently, insurance law is complex, and companies often have legal teams working against you. Consulting with an experienced bad faith insurance attorney increases your chances of a successful resolution and fair compensation.

How Our Las Vegas Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys Can Help You

Our Las Vegas bad faith insurance attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience. Our knowledge helps us give our clients the best experience, and you can rest assured that your legal representation is in accomplished hands. If there are unclear areas and you need a thorough explanation, you can contact us, and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Get Help From Leverty & Associates Law

At Leverty & Associates Law, our knowledge and years of experience in bad faith insurance help us work well with our clients. If you need a trusted team of attorneys to be your advocates, we are the ones to call. Give us a call at (702) 507-0201. We offer free initial consultations.

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