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Damages in A Truck Accident Lawsuit

There are a number of types of damages that a victim of a truck accident may recover for their losses and injuries.

The first part of damages will be medical expenses, so we are going to seek the recovery of past medical expenses. This includes the following types of expenses up until the day of the trial:

  • doctors

  • nurses

  • physical therapy

  • prescription medication

  • any other types of medical expenses

Next, you will have future medical expenses. For instance, let’s say the client has never fully recovered in full and may need future surgery. You can ask for those future medical expenses.

Then we’ll seek other economic damages like past lost wages up to date of trial, and if they still cannot work, we are going to ask for future lost wages for as long as our client, the truck accident victim, is disabled.

Under what sort of circumstance would you seek punitive damages against a trucking company?

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