Have You Been Injured &
Denied an Insurance Claim?

Pedestrian Accidents versus Car Accident Cases

The difference between a pedestrian accident and a car accident is the extent of the injuries can be pretty significant. If you have a slow moving car accident, the injuries may not be as extensive as they are when you have a vehicle versus pedestrian accident.

But, what if the accident was a hit-and-run?

If it was a hit-and-run, as long as you have a police report or some other witnesses who stopped and got the vehicle information, then it is like other pedestrian accident cases.

However, if the motorist was never apprehended and is impossible to identify, we would pursue a claim against the pedestrian’s uninsured motorists’ coverage. Even though you’re not in an automobile at the time, uninsured motorist insurance provides coverage if someone in another vehicle is driving and injure you.

If a close relative who is with me witnesses my pedestrian accident case, are there pain and suffering damages for witnesses?

Yes, if a close family member witnesses the accident they can recover for emotional distress damages for having gone through the trauma.

Minors injured by a motorist

You would have to look at the insurance policy, but I’m pretty sure that the minor would meet the definition of insured, but every policy is different. You should consult an attorney to be sure there is coverage.

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