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Pedestrian Accidents

There are many different types of pedestrian accidents. If you were injured by a motorist while jaywalking, it doesn’t mean that you are barred from recovery. Obviously, there are laws in most areas of Nevada that address jaywalking. Although you’re not supposed to jaywalk, drivers have responsibilities, too. Some of those responsibilities involve keeping an […]

Social Media and Personal Injury Lawsuits

When we are talking about social media, whether it’s wrongful death or some other type of lawsuit, especially when pain and suffering damages are being sought, one should be careful about what is posted on social media that may compromise their case. I advise my clients not to use social media while involved in a […]

Settlement, Judgment or Verdict

A verdict is when you go to trial, and the judge and the jury make a decision on the case and that’s your verdict. You then ultimately get it made into a judgment. A judgment will be binding on both sides unless there is an appeal. A settlement is where the two parties come to […]

Discovery Challenges a Plaintiff Can Face

The defendant will use the same process as the plaintiff. They’ll ask for written documents, written questions, written request for admission, and it is a lot of work to comply. It is not a simple process. It requires thoughtfulness on behalf of the client to review the request, as well as meeting with us on […]

The Slow and Challenging Discovery Process

Whenever we begin discovery, the process can be very slow. Once we request a particular document, the responding party has 30 days to respond to that and oftentimes they need additional time. Consequently, it takes a long time to get prepared for trial. We caution patience throughout the whole process. The most challenging part, besides […]

Discovery: Gathering Evidence to Prove the Case

Under the rules of discovery, there are primarily four different avenues. Interrogatories are basically written questions to the defendant. You are limited to a certain number depending on the court. Requests for admission are written questions to the defendant, asking them to admit certain things (that the light was red, would be a good example). […]

The Retainer Agreement in A Personal Injury Case

The retainer agreement spells out the details of the relationship as attorney and client and covers most importantly, when it’s a personal injury lawsuit, the contingency fee arrangement. A contingency fee is the percentage the lawyer will be paid in the case for judgment or settlement. There is a section that addresses costs: how the […]