Have You Been Injured &
Denied an Insurance Claim?

Car Accidents and Passengers

If you’re the passenger and the driver caused the accident you have a claim against the driver for causing an accident. If the other car was partially responsible, you have a claim against them as well.

As a passenger you most likely have little or no fault in that accident. The driver or the other vehicle are the ones who made the poor decision and caused the accident.

Passengers’ claims against both insurance companies

Let’s say you’re the passenger and you’re injured. There are two insurance companies. There is the car that rear ended you and we have the car you were in when the accident occurred. Now you have two insurance companies to go after with respect to the policy limits.

If you’re old enough and you purchased uninsured motorist (UIM) coverage that could give you a third insurance company to pursue. Every policy that is involved is different, and it depends on the policy, but you would look into it to see if there is a third insurance company.

I would ask you to bring your insurance policy so that we can review it and see if a claim can be made under your own policy. It depends on the language of the actual policy that you have with your insurance company.

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