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Our Role as Your Attorneys in The Deposition

An attorney’s role in a deposition in Nevada is somewhat limited. We can make objections on the record as to the form of the question. We can object if the question is compound, in other words, two questions in one. We can object if it is vague, ambiguous or if it doesn’t make sense.

But, we cannot jump in and tell you not to answer questions. For the most part, you have to answer every question, even if we object.

There are two exceptions:

If the defense attorneys ask questions that are protected by the attorney-client privilege, we can instruct you not to answer. We will also instruct you not to answer if the question is abusive and harassing.

Our most important role is preparing you for your deposition in advance. Every case is different, but the goal is to get a client prepared for what kinds of questions are going to be asked and then to answer them truthfully and honestly.