Have You Been Injured &
Denied an Insurance Claim?

Injuries in Excess of Insurance Policy Limits

Q: If I have exhausted the limits of the responsible driver’s insurance company, and the limits of my uninsured motorists insurance, and my damages are in excess of both, what can I do?

You could look at the at-fault driver’s personal assets and see if they have anything to compensate you. But, if they purchased $15,000/$30,000 minimum limits, that’s not likely.

Another potential avenue is umbrella insurance the other party may have over their uninsured/underinsured coverage, so you actually have extra coverage over the uninsured motorist coverage you purchased. But, often you are dealing with whatever limits are there.

Q: How does it change things if I’m in an accident while driving for work in my personal vehicle?

In that case you check whether your employer has coverage for UIM on their vehicles, which would apply to you as well.

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