If I’ve Been in A Pedestrian Accident, What Should I Do?

If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident, the main thing is to try to remain calm and check your injuries. If you can, try to keep your wits about you and move out of the street.

You want to make sure you keep the driver of the vehicle that hit you there on the scene. Because your adrenaline may be heightened, you might feel fine after the accident. Consequently, sometimes people let the driver go, but you want to keep them there.

You’ll want to call the police and have the driver wait there, and then you want to start getting information – maybe take a photo of his license plate, and then get his insurance information and then wait for the police to come. Then, when the police come you can tell them your side of the story. State your position of what happened, what you heard, and what you saw.

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you are going to want to seek medical attention. If it’s not too bad, you might just go to Urgent Care. If your injuries are more serious, you may need to go to the emergency room. If your injuries are very serious, you may even be taken in by an ambulance.

The most important thing at that point is to take care of your injuries and get healthy; focus on your health and medical care.

When you’re ready to file an insurance claim against the other guy’s insurance, consulting a personal injury attorney in Washoe County can be invaluable, you’ll want to talk to an attorney to help you through that process. Filing a claim can be intimidating for people who have never gone through that process before, and you’ll want a qualified attorney on your side.

Attorney Patrick Leverty

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