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Failure to Defend

Failure to Defend

One of the protections provided under an automobile policy, a homeowner’s insurance policy or commercial general liability policy is liability coverage. Liability coverage protects the insured (i.e. you) against a claim or lawsuit resulting from bodily injury or property damage to others. Included in such protection is the insurance company’s promise to defend the insured if sued. In other words, the insurance company assures the policyholder that they will be there to defend them against a lawsuit alleging property damage or bodily injury caused by an insured.

The insurance company’s failure to defend an insured can be a breach of the insurance contract and be bad faith. If there is a claim against an insured, whether it is an automobile accident, a slip and fall on the property, or a dog bite, the insurance company agreed to defend the insured against that claim. If the insurance company refuses to honor its agreement and provides the insured with a defense, it breaches its contract.

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