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Representing More than One Person in A Pedestrian Accident Case

Would you be a conflict of interest to represent both the injured pedestrian and a family member who witnessed the accident?

There is a potential conflict insofar as there might be a limited amount of insurance coverage to be distributed among the two victims.

For example, let’s say the insurance policy has only $100,000 in coverage, then you have two individuals who seek compensation from that amount. The clients may feel like they want to weigh whether they agree with the potential distribution of funds.

If the close relative who witnessed the pedestrian accident has a lawyer and the injured pedestrian does not, is there a chance that the actual injury victim would get nothing of the insurance proceeds?

It depends on what they are offered to settle. The injured pedestrian should have an experienced pedestrian accident attorney to help advise you as to whether you are getting a good settlement.

It’s always wise to talk to somebody who has experience with these types of situations to advise you as to what is a reasonable settlement. Just because the insurance company is offering you something doesn’t mean that it’s reasonable.

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