Have You Been Injured &
Denied an Insurance Claim?

Legal Issues Relating to Auto Insurance in Nevada

First, it’s required by state law to have a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage. If you cause an accident and hurt someone, you have the insurance company to defend you and to pay if it is determined that you were at fault.

It’s there for peace of mind in the event you hurt someone.

Q: Why would I want uninsured motorists coverage as well?

Uninsured motorists insurance is the most important coverage because it covers you in the event you get hurt by someone who is without insurance or underinsured. Typically, everyone has the minimum limit, and if you are seriously hurt, there is $25,000 at least to cover you.

Types of Auto Insurance Claims

There are two primary types of auto insurance claims. First, there might be a claim to get your car fixed and second, if you cause an accident you have liability limits, which cover you when you cause a car accident or injury.

Q: Would my auto insurance cover damage to non-vehicles, like a flagpole or fire hydrant?

Yes, if you are in your automobile and cause the accident.

Q: What are the penalties if I don’t have auto insurance and I get in an accident?

To get a driver’s license you have to show proof of insurance. However, if you let it lapse, for example, you could face a ticket and penalty for not having insurance.