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Intentional Acts that Cause Injuries

July 15, 2016

Whether an insurance company is going to cover injuries inflicted intentionally by its insured depends on what they are sued for. If you sue them for negligence and an intentional act, the insurance company has a duty to defend and indemnify their insured for all negligent acts unless of course there is an exclusion in the policy.

But, one of the things that is excluded from insurance policies is coverage for intentional acts. So, if you sue for an intentional act and that is the only claim you make against the other party, then the insurance company would most likely not defend. Therefore, they would not pay any money on behalf of their insured because they would cite that intentional act exclusion.

You definitely should hire an experienced personal injury attorney who knows insurance and who is knowledgeable about what types of exclusions are common in automobile and motorcycle insurance policies.