Have You Been Injured &
Denied an Insurance Claim?

Acts that Could Lead to An Insurance Bad Faith Case

There are several actions that an insurance company may do that could support a claim against them for insurance bad faith cases.

An insurance company may fail to disclose policy benefits to the detriment of the person who bought the insurance policy. For instance, the insurance company may withhold important information about the policy benefits or they might claim that an exclusion applies in the policy to deny the claim when the exclusion doesn’t really state what the insurance company is claiming it says.

A lawsuit for insurance bad faith can also arise in the instance of undue delay, such as unreasonably delaying the payment on your insurance claim without any good reason. Sometime the undue delay can result from the insurance company asking the same questions over and over or asking the insured to send it the same documents over and over again.

In general, insurance bad faith can take place whenever the insurance company does something that is unfair to the policyholder.

Q: Is it only the policyholder who can sue for an insurance bad faith claim?

In Nevada, if it’s another party’s insurance company, there is no right to sue that company. The courts have decided that the other party’s insurance company does not owe any fiduciary duties to the injured individual.

Unfortunately, what you often see is the other party’s insurance company uses the alleged lack of duties to the injured individual to their advantage.