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When we think of swimming pools, we immediately think about fun, relaxation, or an escape from the heat during summer. As much as it can be linked to fun and excitement, it can also be a place of devastating accidents. With probable accidents like slips and falls, equipment malfunctions, and drowning, a swimming pool can be a dangerous place.

Swimming-related accidents are so common that thousands of children and weak swimmers end up in hospitals due to pool-related injuries. Some of these injuries can also be fatal. These unfortunate swimming pool incidents can be traumatic, and many victims require lifelong or long-term medical treatment, which can cost a lot of money.

You can claim damages as a victim if the swimming pool management was negligent. However, claims for compensation in this field can be tricky, and you will need an attorney to help you navigate the process.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a swimming pool accident in Reno, you can reach out to us. Our swimming pool drowning accident lawyer in Reno can help you investigate, identify those at fault, and hold them responsible.


Why hire our swimming pool drowning accident lawyer in Reno?

At Leverty & Associates Law, our experienced and skilled attorneys have successfully represented various swimming pool accident victims. We have been advocating for clients for 50 years, so if you need professional and skillful attorneys, we are the ones to call. Our attorneys will give you the legal advice and support you need.

Don’t worry about being a legal expert; we will handle your case for you.

Our attorneys will work tirelessly to help you get fair compensation for the injuries and other damages that a swimming pool drowning accident might have caused you. We will dedicate our time and resources to it. Contact us today at (775) 322-6636 to learn more about how we can help you.

Causes of swimming pool drowning accidents

The following are common avoidable causes of swimming pool drowning accidents:

  • Inadequate supervision of swimmers, especially children and weak swimmers
  • Failure to maintain the pool properly
  • No markings to distinguish between shallow and deep parts of the pool
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Inadequate safety equipment
  • Overcrowding at the pool.

Why you need a swimming pool drowning accident lawyer in Reno

The times after a swimming pool drowning accident can be distressing, but our attorneys can offer crucial support and guidance in the following ways:

Help you understand legal complexities

After being involved in a swimming pool drowning accident in Reno, there is often confusion and stress; as a victim, you might not know the next step to take. Our swimming pool drowning accident attorney will ensure you understand and take the proper legal steps from start to finish.

Investigate and gather evidence

Our swimming pool drowning accident lawyer will initiate a thorough investigation into the incident. They will first determine whether you have a viable case; if so, they will help you collect vital evidence to prove fault. This includes:

  • Scrutinizing safety measures set by the pool house, whether public or private
  • Examining the pool facility’s maintenance records
  • Determining whose negligence caused the accident.

Advocate for compensation

Our swimming pool drowning accident lawyer in Reno will help you advocate for fair compensation. They will diligently calculate all the damages you incurred, including medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, emotional suffering, and even compensation for wrongful death. They will do this by considering the unique details of your accident, which may include:

  • Evidence of the accident
  • Damages to health, whether permanent or temporary
  • Hospital expenses
  • The extent of injuries
  • Present and future medical needs.

Call out: We take a personalized approach to every case and dedicate a team to you from start to finish.

Negotiation and representation

Going against insurance companies and other opposing parties can be a daunting task. Our attorneys will skillfully negotiate with the other parties involved. In situations where negotiations fail and going to court is inevitable, they will advocate for you before a jury to secure a favorable verdict.

Swimming pool drowning accident lawyer in Reno FAQs

You can reach out to us if you have questions, but the following are some frequently asked questions by our clients:

What compensation can be sought in a swimming pool drowning accident case?

Compensation may cover medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of income, emotional distress, and other damages. Our lawyer can assess the case and help determine the appropriate compensation.

What should I do if someone drowns in a swimming pool in Reno?

If someone drowns in a swimming pool, immediately call emergency services. Afterward, gathering information, documenting the scene, and contacting our swimming pool drowning accident attorney in Reno are crucial steps to take.

How much does hiring a swimming pool drowning accident lawyer in Reno cost?

Many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid if you receive compensation. Initial consultations are often free, allowing you to discuss your case without financial risk.

How our swimming pool drowning accident lawyer in Reno can help you

Swimming pool drowning accidents can have devastating consequences; the aftermath of a swimming pool drowning accident can be emotionally and financially taxing. However, engaging the services of our proficient swimming pool drowning accident lawyers can significantly alleviate the burden by providing legal expertise, staunch advocacy, and compassionate support.

Leverty & Associates will help you seek justice and secure compensation. We will support you on your journey toward recovery and closure. If you need a skilled and experienced attorney to help you through this difficult time, reach out to us.

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