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Take A Legal Stance Against Insurers That Act In Bad Faith

Living with a disability can be challenging for an individual and their loved ones. This is why long-term disability insurance can be a safety net for people who can’t work because of their health conditions. In most cases, you would have to rely on your long-term disability benefit if you can’t work due to a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial adverse effect on your ability to perform everyday activities and live a normal life.

However, the situation worsens when your long-term disability insurance provider doesn’t want to pay your benefits as they should. Disability insurance companies often deny claims unfairly and unjustly. The rules and laws are usually on the insurance company’s side, but with the right long-term disability lawyer, you can turn things around for yourself.

At Leverty & Associates Law, we can help you fight against your long-term disability insurance company and win. We understand the process and how to turn a denial into an approval. If you or your loved one wants to file a long-term disability insurance claim, you will need competent and well-experienced lawyers by your side, and we are the ones to call. Contact us in Reno at (775) 322-6636; we offer free initial consultations.


Why choose our Reno long-term disability lawyer?

At Leverty & Associates Law, we have lawyers who are knowledgeable about the federal laws that cover long-term disability policies and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Our team of attorneys have over 40 years of experience working with long-term disability claims, and we’ve won almost all our cases on appeal. We fight people whose long-term disability claims have been unfairly denied by insurance companies or employers. We also represent those who have not yet filed a claim.

You can rest assured that our attorneys will do everything possible to ensure that you receive your due compensation.

We’re here to ensure you get the justice you deserve, even when up against big corporations. You’re not alone; we’ve got your back. Do not hesitate to contact us. Call us in Reno at (775) 322-6636; we offer free initial consultations.

Why you need our long-term disability lawyer at Leverty & Associates Law

The following are reasons why you need our long-term disability lawyer in Reno. They will help you:

  • Get Medical Records: Our long-term disability lawyer can help you collect critical medical documents from your doctors, both past and present, to show that you need disability benefits because of your health condition.
  • Expert Opinion Report: Sometimes, our long-term disability lawyer will work with other professionals to create a report explaining how your health affects your ability to work. This report can be crucial in proving that you deserve disability benefits.
  • Negotiations and Settlements: If you have filed a claim before and it was denied, don’t worry. Our Reno long-term disability lawyer  will negotiate with your disability insurer to reopen your denied disability benefits application. Also, in most cases, the issue is usually sorted out outside of court. We will help you with all the negotiations; if no agreement is reached, we’ll file a lawsuit and represent you in court.
  • Legal Procedures: The experienced team of long-term disability lawyers at our Reno office will help you issue subpoenas to ensure all important witnesses and documents are available and present during any hearings. They will also personally prepare you for any hearings, answer your questions, and explain what to expect when you testify at a hearing.
  • Maximize Compensation: Not only will they make sure you get paid, but our long-term disability lawyers in Reno will ensure you are paid every penny you’re entitled to.

Reno long-term disability lawyer FAQs

If you’re navigating the challenging process of applying for long-term disability benefits or facing a denied claim, you likely have many questions. The following are some frequently asked questions that we hear:

How do I know if I qualify for long-term disability benefits?

Qualifying for long-term disability benefits depends on various factors, including the severity of your disability, your ability to work, and the specific terms of your insurance policy. Consulting with our Reno long-term disability lawyer can help you assess your eligibility and understand your options.

Will I need to go to court if I hire a long-term disability lawyer?

While some cases may require court appearances, many long-term disability claims are resolved through negotiation or administrative processes. Our lawyers will advise you on your situation’s best course of action and represent you at any necessary hearings or proceedings.

How much does it cost to hire a long-term disability lawyer in Reno?

Our long-term disability lawyers in Reno work on a contingency fee basis. They only get paid if you win your case and receive benefits. Additionally, our initial consultations are complimentary, allowing you to discuss your case with our lawyer without any financial obligation upfront.

No insurance company is too big for us to challenge. We will make sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

How our long-term disability lawyer can help you

At Leverty & Associates Law Chartered, we try to walk in our clients’ shoes. We care about the well-being of our clients, and we feel it’s important to understand what they are going through. That is why we are attentive to their concerns. It allows us to solve their problems quickly and effectively.

Our team-oriented approach to the law ensures that each of our attorneys is familiar with our client’s case. This lets us respond quickly to any development in the case and ensures that the best lawyer for any particular development is working on the case.

Get the help you need from Leverty & Associates Law

At Leverty & Associates Law, we have a history of winning that shows how successful we’ve been with the cases we have worked on so far. We always make our clients our priority. Therefore, if you want a trustworthy team of lawyers who will work hard to get you the best result, contact us in Reno at (775) 322-6636.

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