Have You Been Injured &
Denied an Insurance Claim?

Dealing with Your Insurance Company

If I’ve been in an auto accident that wasn’t my fault, do I have to notify my own insurance company?

If it’s the other driver’s’ fault and they have insurance, they gave you their insurance information, you don’t necessarily need to contact your own insurance company at that point in time.

Some of the reasons why one might contact their own insurance company include if you feel that it’s a severe accident, and the other driver might not have enough insurance to cover the property damage or bodily injuries.

If you bought medical payments coverage from your insurance company, you will want to contact them and make that claim.

Another instance is when the other insurance company is claiming that somehow it’s your fault or denying liability, then you should contact your own insurance company.

However, if it’s straightforward liability where the other driver was at fault, it is primarily going to deal with that insurance company. And in any case, you should talk with an experienced car accident lawyer before making any statements to either insurance company.