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Attending the Deposition of The Person You Are Suing

Dec. 26, 2016

When the defendant is being deposed, a client can always attend any part of a deposition proceeding if he/she so chooses. We encourage clients on a case-by-case basis to attend depositions. It really depends on the case, whether or not it is necessary.

On some of our insurance bad faith cases, we have to depose the insurance company at the location of their headquarters, out of state, so it may not be possible or useful for the client to attend. In an auto accident case, it can be quite helpful for the client to hear what the other side is saying. We weren’t at the scene; we weren’t there to know what happened, and so it’s always helpful to have someone who had eyes or ears at the time of the incident to provide us with insight.

We are always a team working together on how best to present the case.