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Who One Sues in A Nevada Truck Accident

There can be a variety of responsible parties in a truck accident case and an experienced personal injury lawyer will add every possible responsible party to the lawsuit and investigate after the case is filed.

The most obvious negligent person is the driver of the vehicle. This depends on how they were driving at the time of the accident and generally what they were doing with the vehicle at the time. But also there is the trucking company, and they have to make sure that their drivers are driving safely and implement correct standards, safety measures, and follow the federal and Nevada laws and regulations on trucking and interstate trucking. If there are rules that the trucking company was not following, you would potentially have a claim for negligence against the trucking company for failing to implement required safety standards.

If the driver is an employee of the trucking company, then in Nevada you have “respondeat superior,” where you can make the employer liable for the employees’ actions regardless of the company’s role in the accident. If the driver is an independent contractor, that clouds the issue.

In any case, you should talk to an experience Reno truck accident attorney to find out who you can sue for your injuries.