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Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Reno

As a resident of Reno, you understand the dangers of the city’s busy roads and highways. Traffic accidents are an unfortunate reality, and multi-vehicle collisions can be particularly devastating. When a major accident occurs, victims often face enormous losses. Recovering from injuries, repairing or replacing vehicles, missed work, and other expenses can take a massive financial and emotional toll.

If you or a loved one was involved in a multi-vehicle accident in the Reno area, you need a legal team with experience handling these complex cases. We have the knowledge and resources to thoroughly investigate multi-vehicle crashes and build the strongest possible claim for maximum compensation.


Why You Need an Experienced Reno Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

After a multi-vehicle accident, you may face devastating injuries, costly medical bills, lost wages, and damage to your vehicle. To achieve maximum compensation in your Reno multi-vehicle accident claim, you need an experienced attorney fighting for you.

We understand Nevada’s comparative negligence laws and can build a strong case to prove the other drivers’ liability for your damages. Our skillful negotiation and litigation experience means higher settlement offers and verdicts.

Our attorney can also handle time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your recovery. They will investigate the accident, collect police and medical reports, interview witnesses, consult with experts, and deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

Without proper legal counsel, insurance companies may take advantage of you and pay less than you deserve. Don’t sign anything or provide a statement until you speak to an attorney. The initial consultation is often free, so you have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain.

Put your trust in a reputable Reno multi-vehicle accident law firm. Our dedicated attorneys and staff will work tirelessly so you are fairly compensated following such a traumatic event. With the right lawyer by your side, you can overcome this difficult time and start moving forward again.

Types of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

The National Safety Council states that in 2021 multi-vehicle accidents accounted for 70% of all vehicle related accidents. Multi-vehicle accidents can take many forms, but there are two primary types: chain reaction accidents and intersection accidents.

Chain Reaction Accidents

In a chain reaction accident, vehicles collide with one another in sequence along a roadway. These accidents are often caused by hazardous road conditions, obstructed visibility, or a vehicle suddenly braking, forcing others to brake in response. Due to the number of vehicles involved, chain reaction accidents frequently result in serious injuries and property damage.

Intersection Accidents

Intersection accidents occur when two or more vehicles collide at or within an intersection. Common causes include running red lights or stop signs, failing to yield the right of way, improper turns, or distracted driving. Intersection accidents can be especially dangerous, as vehicles may impact at high speeds from different angles.

If you have been in a multi-vehicle accident in the Reno area, an experienced accident attorney can determine who is at fault, handle communications with insurance companies, and fight to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries, vehicle repairs, missed work, and pain and suffering. Don’t delay – contact a Leverty & Associates multi-vehicle accident lawyer today for a free case review.

Determining Liability in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

Determining liability in a multi-vehicle accident can be complicated. As the plaintiff, you must prove that the defendant’s negligence directly caused your injuries.

To determine liability, consider the following:

  • Who caused the initial collision? The driver responsible for the first impact that led to the chain reaction of crashes is typically considered most liable. Their negligence directly caused the subsequent collisions and resulting harm.
  • Were any drivers following too closely? Drivers who were tailgating or did not leave enough stopping distance between vehicles may share some liability. They failed to prevent a foreseeable collision.
  • Did any drivers fail to take evasive action? Drivers who did not properly apply brakes or swerve to avoid hitting other vehicles after the initial crash may also share fault. Their inaction contributed to the escalating accident.
  • Were traffic laws and signals obeyed? Drivers who ran red lights, stopped signs or made illegal turns leading up to the accident are likely to share a large portion of liability. Their reckless actions directly precipitated the crash.
  • Were any vehicles improperly maintained? Faulty brakes, bald tires or other mechanical issues that prevented a driver from avoiding a collision or stopping in time may signify liability on the part of the vehicle owner or operator. Lack of proper maintenance jeopardized safety.

By analyzing the sequence of events, traffic signals, vehicle positioning, and other factors surrounding your multi-vehicle accident, a skilled attorney can determine the liable parties and fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. Liability may rest with multiple drivers, vehicle owners, government entities, or other parties. Your lawyer will work to identify all responsible defendants.

Recovering Damages for Property Damage and Injuries

To recover damages from a multi-vehicle accident in Reno, you will need to prove negligence and liability on the part of the at-fault parties. Your Reno car accident lawyer can help investigate the crash and gather evidence to build a strong case for full compensation.

Proving Negligence and Liability

The at-fault driver(s) and their insurance companies are responsible for compensating accident victims for both property damage and injuries. To establish liability, your lawyer will need to prove the other driver was negligent by violating traffic laws or otherwise failing to operate their vehicle in a safe manner. Witness statements, police reports, photographs, and video evidence from the scene can all be used to demonstrate negligence.

Once negligence has been proven, the at-fault parties become liable for all reasonable costs resulting from the crash. This includes vehicle repair or replacement, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Your lawyer will gather records and documentation to verify all accident-related expenses so you can recover the maximum compensation you deserve under Nevada law.

With the help of a skilled Reno auto accident attorney, you have the best chance of succeeding in a claim or lawsuit against negligent drivers and their insurance companies after a multi-vehicle collision. Your lawyer has the experience and resources to fully investigate the crash, establish liability, and fight for fair compensation for you.

Important Steps to Take After a Multi-Vehicle Accident

After being involved in a multi-vehicle accident, it is critical to take the proper steps to protect yourself legally and financially.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Your health and safety should be your top priority after an accident. Seek medical care for any injuries right away, even if they seem minor. Adrenaline and shock can mask the severity of injuries, and some symptoms may not appear for hours or days. Obtain documentation of any diagnoses or treatments.

Call the Police

Request that the police come to the scene of the accident to take a full report. Obtain the police report number and contact information for the responding officers for your records and to provide to your insurance company. Ask the police to determine fault for the accident if possible. Their assessment can support your claim.

Exchange Information

Exchange insurance details, driver’s license numbers, vehicle information, and contact information with all other parties involved in the accident. Take photos of the vehicles, the accident scene, insurance and licenses, and the other drivers if possible. Note details about the other vehicles like make, model, color, and license plate number.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible with the details of the incident including the police report number. Cooperate fully with their investigation and provide any evidence you have gathered like photos, medical records, and witness statements. Your prompt cooperation will help facilitate the claims process.

Consult with an Accident Attorney

Speaking to an attorney who specializes in multi-vehicle accidents can help ensure you take the proper next steps and pursue fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and damage to your vehicle. They can handle communications with insurance companies on your behalf and represent you if the case goes to court.

FAQs About Multi-Vehicle Accidents

If you have been involved in a multi-vehicle accident in Reno, you likely have many questions about your legal rights and options. Our experienced attorneys have handled hundreds of multi-vehicle accident cases and can advise you on the following:

Who is at fault?

In a multi-vehicle collision, determining liability can be complex. We conduct a thorough investigation to identify which driver’s negligence directly caused the accident. If there are multiple liable parties, we will pursue compensation from each of them.

How much is my claim worth?

The value of your claim depends on the severity of your injuries and other damages. We will evaluate medical records, reports, and bills to calculate the full amount you deserve. Lost wages, pain and suffering, and damage to your vehicle are also considered.

How long do I have to file a claim?

In Nevada, the statute of limitations to file a personal injury lawsuit is 2 years from the date of the accident. However, it is best to pursue a claim as early as possible while evidence and witness accounts are still fresh. The attorneys at Leverty & Associates can start investigating your case right away to build the strongest argument for maximum compensation.

Will I have to go to court?

Not necessarily. We first try to reach a fair settlement with the insurance companies representing the at-fault parties. If negotiations are unsuccessful, we are fully prepared to take your case to court. Very few personal injury lawsuits actually end up going to trial.

If you were injured in a multi-vehicle collision, don’t delay in consulting with an attorney regarding your legal options. The team at Reno Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers can evaluate your case at no cost and help you obtain the compensation you need to recover.

Why Choose Us at Leverty & Associates

When facing the aftermath of a multi-vehicle accident, you need attorneys who will fight tirelessly for you. At Leverty & Associates, we have over 50 years of combined experience securing maximum compensation for clients in situations like yours.

Proven Track Record of Success

We have a proven track record of securing large settlements and verdicts for clients in multi-vehicle crashes. The knowledgeable attorneys at Leverty & Associates know how to investigate accidents, determine liability, and build solid cases to recover damages for injuries, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Aggressive Yet Compassionate Representation

While we take an aggressive approach against insurance companies and at-fault parties, we also provide compassionate guidance for our clients. We understand how traumatic and life-altering a serious multi-vehicle accident can be. Your case will be handled with the utmost care, sensitivity, and concern for your well-being.

Contingency Fee Basis

We represent multi-vehicle accident clients on a contingency fee basis. This means there are no upfront costs or fees to you. We only receive payment if and when we secure a settlement or verdict on your behalf. The fees are a percentage of the amount we recover for you. This ensures we have a vested interest in maximizing your compensation.

Call Leverty & Associates today for a free, no-obligation consultation and case review. We have office locations throughout Nevada to serve clients statewide. Let us fight to recover the compensation you deserve.

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    In the aftermath of a multi-vehicle accident, dealing with insurance companies and ensuring you receive fair compensation can feel overwhelming. However, by contacting an experienced Reno multi-vehicle accident lawyer, you can gain a dedicated advocate to handle the legal aspects of your claim.

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