What Is Elder Abuse and Elder Neglect?

Elder abuse and elder neglect are broad terms. Generally, it is an act or repeated act where somebody is doing something wrong, or inappropriate within a relationship that causes harm or emotional distress to an older person — in Nevada, someone who is at least 60 years of age.

Q: Does elder abuse occur in nursing homes or is it more often relatives who are the perpetrators?

It could be all of those. Basically, it could be negligent care by a nursing home, a family member or the caretaker — anybody who the senior trusts to take care of them and help them for their well-being.

It could take the form of physical abuse, emotional or just neglecting to take care of them the way they are supposed to, or even when they allow the senior to have some neglect and nobody is making sure that he or she is taking care of themselves.It can take the form of money, in the form of exploitation of the individual for financial gain.

Q: In your experience, who are the abusers of the elderly?

It could be their children. In fact, 90% of abusers are actually family members. Of the family members who are abusing, some of the statistics show that 50% of those are the adult children and another 20% are their partners or people they have intimate relationships with. Other examples include friends, neighbors or service providers.

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