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Unsafe Roads and Truck Accidents

Suing a governmental entity for unsafe road conditions is challenging but if the circumstances show that Reno or the State of Nevada were negligent in the maintenance of the roadways, you may have a case.

State and federal agencies have certain immunities and you should talk to an experienced lawyer who knows how to weave his or her way through those exceptions. In Nevada, if there is a case of a vehicle accident on the road where the Department of Transportation was sued, the issue becomes whether or not the State had notice of the unsafe conditions. If the County has notice that it’s an unsafe condition, then, you may prevail against that governmental entity. But if it is the first time that accident happened there, then the case is more challenging. There is always a first time.

At the outset of the case, part of the process of deciding whether to file suit is determining whether or not you can show that the governmental entity had notice of those unsafe road conditions. Your attorney’s thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances leading up to your accident is critical.

In addition to that, there are limits on the amount of damages you can sure for when you’re suing the State of Nevada.