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The Role of The Attorneys in Determining Damages for The Entire Class

We, as experienced class action attorneys, will file a legal brief on what kind of damages we believe are appropriate for the class, and stating how class members suffered types of damages. We make suggestions as to the amounts, but not individually..

In the case of our recent settlement on behalf of homeowners affected by a flood, basically, if they had water in the house, we ask for a certain measure and examination of value damages, including damages relating to the stigma associated with flood water going into the house. In that particular class action, it happened that the plaintiffs who had water in their house were the most damaged and were in the top tier of four damage categories. There were different suggested amounts for each tier.

But a class action attorney cannot say that one individual should get five times as much as everybody else. It’s always done as a tiered system because we must advocate for the class as a whole.