Homeowners Insurance Claim Denials

Homeowners Insurance Claim Denials
Has your homeowner’s insurance company denied your claim? Is your homeowner’s insurance company delaying the payment of your claim or making an unreasonably low settlement offer?

We represent Nevada homeowners in first-party insurance disputes. If your home has been damaged by fire, burst pipes, water damage, or another unfortunate circumstance, your homeowner’s insurance company may look for ways to deny coverage or to pay you less than you are entitled under the policy. We are familiar with the tactics insurance companies employ to avoid paying claims or to minimize payments.

Homeowner’s Policy Exclusions

Insurance companies sometimes deny homeowner policy claims based upon an overly broad interpretation or flat out misinterpretation of the exclusions in their insurance policy. Claims for damages caused by water damage, landslides, fires and theft often result in insurance companies claiming the loss is excluded under the homeowner’s insurance policy when its policy and the case law provides otherwise. We have vast experience in analyzing homeowner’s insurance policies, coverage issues and exclusions. If your homeowner’s insurance company denied your claim by relying on a policy exclusion contact our office to review the denial. We will honestly assess the insurance company’s claim denial. If the denial is incorrect, we will strongly advocate for you to receive the full amount of insurance benefits you are entitled.

Disputes About the Value of Your Claim

Homeowner’s insurance companies often underpay claims. An insurance adjuster may offer you an amount that is less than fair to pressure you to take less than you are entitled to because you are in a desperate situation and hoping that you do not know the extent of your rights. The adjuster may even deny or only partially pay your claim without conducting a proper investigation to place pressure on you to take less than you are entitled to because you are in a desperate situation. Homeowner’ insurance companies routinely give policyholders a low valuation of their property and underestimate how much it will cost to repair or replace it. If you believe your homeowner’s insurance company is undervaluing your claim or delaying the payment of your claim contact our office.

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