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Government Liability in A Pedestrian Accident Case

Is there ever an instance where you might argue that a governmental body was at fault in the pedestrian accident case?

Potentially. If you can show that the intersection was impaired by something, that there have been a lot of pedestrian accidents there, that there is a known prevalence of pedestrian injuries at a certain intersection, and they didn’t do anything about it.

When you’re suing government agencies, it is difficult because they have different immunities. Among other things, you have to show is that they were on notice that they had the duty to do something and failed to do so, which is sometimes difficult to prove.

You need to have a convincing reason why you believe they did something wrong. You have to make sure that if there is information there that leads to an investigation of why it happened, and it turned out that the government played a part in it, then that is something that you would pursue.