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Class Actions and Differing Injuries

Often when a large group of people are injured by the same defendant, the injuries vary from person to person. Differing damages do not prevent a class action. In a liability issue, the courts will look at whether or not a wrong was committed, and that can be determined in that one case that is […]

Intentional Acts that Cause Injuries

Whether an insurance company is going to cover injuries inflicted intentionally by its insured depends on what they are sued for. If you sue them for negligence and an intentional act, the insurance company has a duty to defend and indemnify their insured for all negligent acts unless of course there is an exclusion in […]

Evaluating Damages – What Is My Case Worth?

“How do you figure out what my case is worth?” We look at the medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering and lost wages. We also really take into consideration the amount of insurance that’s available. If the damages are really high; $100,000, and we’re just talking about the negotiation with the at-fault driver’s insurance […]

We Value Your Case

“Unlike many personal injury lawyers who like to settle cases for the contingency fee, would you say that every case you take you take is with the philosophy that it may go all the way to trial, and you prepare accordingly?” Yes. That’s absolutely correct. In my experience, the only way to get the full […]

First Priorities when You’ve Been Injured

After an accident an individual should worry about getting healthy and deal with their medical issues, but you should bring the names of all the people you’ve treated with; all the medical providers that you’ve gone to, the accident report if you can get it. If not, the accident report number, and we can track […]

The Decision to Settle

“Is there ever an instance where the client wants to settle and you advise against?” No. The determination is up to the client to decide whether that is enough money for them to be happy with and pay them for what they’ve suffered through.

Pain Treatment Factors

Let’s say that I have to see a chiropractor every month for years, or perhaps I’m on pain medication for an indeterminate period of time following my injury. Are these factors in my settlement case? Yes. If you are prescribed pain medication, (a good example of the type of physical pain you’re in), oftentimes you […]

Pain and Suffering

I can see how medical bills, lost wages and property damage could easily be calculated, but how do you talk to an insurance company about the value of “pain and suffering” from an injury? It depends on the circumstances. It really just depends on the actual damages, the injury you suffered. A good way of […]


The word “Damages” is often used, and I see it on every lawyer’s website. In the context of a personal injury case, what does it mean? It depends on the situation, but an example is that you were the driver of your own car. In that situation, the damages include a number of things: (1) […]

The Doctor’s Report

Let’s say they ask me how I’m feeling, and I say I’m fine, but because it is too soon for me to really know -Can they come in despite all of the medical records later that you produce on my behalf and say, ‘look, in the first interview they said they were fine?’ Sure, they […]