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The purpose of insurance is to give policyholders peace of mind that they will be covered if and when confronted with an unexpected catastrophe. Unfortunately, some insurance providers will attempt to renege on their contracted obligations under the policy. In these situations, our firm is proud to provide the strong legal representation you need to get the justice you deserve. At our firm, you pay nothing unless we win. Reach out to us today.

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In the complicated world of insurance, it can be easy to get lost and not understand what's happening or what your options are. If you're dealing with a sudden incident that has turned your life upside-down, you need to be able to trust your insurance provider to follow through with what they've promised. As your legal representatives, it's our job to hold insurance companies accountable and make sure they don't get away with underpaying or denying your claim when you are in need.

At Leverty & Associates Law Chartered, you can count on our team of knowledgeable attorneys to advocate for you in even the most complex and contentious bad faith insurance cases. Our team brings more than 100 years of combined legal experience to your case. Individuals and families throughout the Reno, Nevada area have come to trust our firm for the compassionate counsel and aggressive representation they need to pursue a favorable resolution. With us by your side, you don't have to worry about handling these insurance problems on your own.

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Hold Insurance Providers Accountable

Regardless of what type of insurance policy is at the center of your dispute — homeowners', auto, life, disability, commercial, and more — when your provider tries to shortchange you or refuse to uphold their end of the policy agreement, you deserve an opportunity to take whatever action may be available to make things right and hold them accountable. At Leverty & Associates Law Chartered, we are proud to uphold the rights and best interests of our clients. Fighting aggressively on your behalf is our priority, and we won't back down from helping you pursue your rightful coverage.

The Bad Faith Insurance Claim Process

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    Understanding Your Unique Situation

    No two insurance disputes are the same. That's why you deserve to work with a law firm that understands the importance of learning about the circumstances of your case. Our team will take the time necessary to meet with you, discuss your case, and find out what brought you here.

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    Explaining Your Available Options

    Having attorneys with extensive experience in your corner can make a big difference in successfully filing your bad faith insurance claim. We will help you understand your situation from every angle and explain all legal strategies available to you.

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    Guiding You Through Every Step

    Legal disputes can quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed. You can feel confident knowing that we will be by your side — from start to finish — to lead you in the right direction and help you make the most informed decisions possible. At our firm, you only pay if we win your case.

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Decades of Experience

Our attorneys possess more than 100 years of combined experience in the legal field. There's no substitute for knowing your legal representation has been doing this for years.

Clear Communication

The outcome of your claim can have a significant impact on your future. We will make sure you are fully informed and kept up-to-date about new developments with your claim.

Knowledgeable Counsel

Insurance providers will try a variety of tactics to avoid paying you what your policy says you are entitled to. We pride ourselves on helping our clients take the right action.

Regaining Your Peace of Mind Starts with Contacting Us

An insurance provider expects you to hold up your end of the agreement, so it's only right for you to expect the same from them. If you live in the Reno, Nevada area and your provider is refusing to give you the coverage your policy requires or denying your rightful claim, you have the right to take legal action to make things right. You can get the bad faith insurance claim process started today by reaching out to our experienced legal team at Leverty & Associates Law Chartered.